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Xingcheng Hengtai Knitting Garment Co., Ltd. Address: No. 9 Tiexi Road, Xingcheng City, Liaoning Province, China Tel: (86) - 0429 - 5438001 Fax: (86) - 0429 - 5438003
Company Yiwu Office Address: 51241-50242, 9th Street, Beimen, 5th floor, Fourth District, Yiwu International Trade City Contact person: Qin Mei Di Tel: (86) - 0429 - 5438001 Mobile: (86) 15566695937

Company Los Angeles Office Contact: Kathy Qin Tel: 9494660614 Email: lecccqiqi@gmail.com Website: www.xchtzy.com

Company Profile
      Hengtai Garment Co. LTD is a professional fashion knitted clothing manufacturer, which integrating design, development and manufacturing since 1994 located in Huludao City. We are specialized in manufacturing fabrics, swimwear, beachwear, active wear, and intimate wear. Our head office is located inHuludao, but we also have officesin Los Angles and Yiwu. We have two plants, one with 13000 m², another with 28000 m². In addition, we also have advanced textile factory,  pattern printing factory, and Pad factory. In total, we have more than 500 employees with 450 modern devices, and we manufactured more than 500 millions pieces per year. Our products is quality guaranteed. We export our product to France, German, Italy, Span, Czech Republic, Hungry, Russia, in Europe,  and also countries US, Brazil, Chile in both North and South America.  Our factory provides OEM and ODM services.
      We always put our customers at priority by improving our quality of the products and providing the best customer service.