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Xingcheng Hengtai Knitting Garment Co., Ltd. Address: No. 9 Tiexi Road, Xingcheng City, Liaoning Province, China Tel: (86) - 0429 - 5438001 Fax: (86) - 0429 - 5438003
Company Yiwu Office Address: 51241-50242, 9th Street, Beimen, 5th floor, Fourth District, Yiwu International Trade City Contact person: Qin Mei Di Tel: (86) - 0429 - 5438001 Mobile: (86) 15566695937

Company Los Angeles Office Contact: Kathy Qin Tel: 9494660614 Email: lecccqiqi@gmail.com Website: www.xchtzy.com

Corporate Culture
Core Values and Ideas:Innovation, Quality-seeking, Practical and Simple Enterprise tenet:customer first, value for money, quality first, pursuing excellence Talent View of Enterprises:Reasonable and Harmonious Growth Together Employee Dedication:Heterogeneous Responsibility and Integrity